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10 октября, 2023

The trends

Are you curious about where branding trends are headed in 2023? Branding trends constantly evolve alongside fashion, interior design, pop culture, and general consumer taste trends.

This year, we’re shifting towards authentic, no-nonsense branding and heavily emphasizing an emotional connection to people. Branding trends give you the upper hand in communicating your products and services to the right customers. Along with a memorable first impression, branding is critical to your marketing and brand identity.

Your brand personality, voice, mission, and values should be set in stone. However, how you express these traits can vary with different designs, colors, fonts, and visuals. That’s where branding trends come in!

We’ve taken the time to pull the latest branding trends of 2023 to help you build a successful one-of-a-kind brand. We’ve also included some actionable branding tips to help you stay on top of industry standards.

Monochromatic colors

Monochromatic branding is often minimalist and refined. A monochromatic brand color palette contains various shades of the same color. You start with a base color and add different shades through font, images, icons, materials, etc.

Monochromatic colors create a cohesive look for your brand and generate a soothing sense of tranquility. The primary color you choose establishes the rest of your brand color palette. So, choose a color relevant to your industry that embodies your brand personality.

Atmospheric photography

Photos generate an emotional connection by depicting real people, the environment, and beautiful objects. In 2023, we’re seeing brands opt for a minimal logo paired with original photography to portray their personality and products.

Picture the grainy effect of a polaroid or the nostalgic look of 35mm film. They create an atmosphere that draws people in. Studio photography is being replaced with beautiful candid shots that can be taken from any camera.

This accessible form of photography inspires consumers who yearn for simple, creative branding they can relate to. This trend is ideal for nostalgic brand marketing. A perfect example is Kinn jewelry. Their minimal logo and photography are simple, accessible, and beautiful. Like their products!

This trend works well for brands that want to grow their presence on photo-driven social media and sell products rather than services. Photos help us visualize using the product or attaining a specific lifestyle. This is what makes photography so effective!

Simple maximalism

You don’t need to go down a design rabbit hole to create a brand that stands out. A bold font, a striking color palette, and mindful use of negative space are enough.

Choose one design element, like a font or color palette, and make it striking! Try balancing the simplicity of a serif font with a clashing color palette of electric blue, neon green, and yellow. Or, you could use a large, bold display font with a muted pink and blue palette.

In 2023, brands opt for simple elements that pack a punch to get their message across. This branding trend rose from the need for simplicity and structure without sacrificing creativity.

It’s a modern look and suits up-and-coming brands that offer a unique product or service. Or for businesses that want to stand out from a loud and crowded market.


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